Saturday, November 8, 2008

228? Egads!

So I step on the scale and see I gained back a couple of pounds.

It's not the end of the World.

I haven't been pitting as much effort into my diet and exercise recently. I've been doing a lot of extra curricular activity, such as mowing the cemetery, and chopping down trees, so when I get to the gym, after already working 8 hours, then doing yard/ volunteer work, I've been cutting my workouts short. Some days I only swim for a half hour, then I hit the Jacuzzi.

I really don't want to risk another back/hip/hamstring injury, which would cause me to cease exercising altogether. As we head into the holiday season of temptation, I will keep my conscious effort up of trying to watch what I eat, it's not like I can over eat.

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