Wednesday, April 30, 2008

251 -

One of my friends saw me going full throttle on the Elliptical Trainer tonight, and let me know that he could tell I was really busting it out compared to only two months ago. I have started swimming laps now. After doing the Elliptical for 32 minutes, and then 8 miles on the bike in 30 minutes, I can barely make it through two laps, but I push myself. I try to rotate things around, alternating the stair stepper for 30 minutes, and work on all the muscle groups.

I expect my weight to plateau somewhat for a while, especially after I had a few beers in the last week. They were small bottles of Rolling Rock, and I never have more than one in a night, but I consider them a luxury item I have earned. It took me two weeks to dispose of the 8 pack, but now that they are gone, I'm back to normal diet. Tomorrow I see my Primary Care Physician for a check up, and official weigh in. I can't weight!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

252 7/8

Well, I'm motoring along on the weight loss train, and this Sunday saw a major step wardrobe wise.

I went to the Levi's Vanity Fair outlet in Reading, and purchased three pairs of jeans and two belts. I had visited Casual Male on Saturday, and purchased the only 2 XL shirts they had in stock, a navy blue and a dark gray. Yes, you read that right. XL. So on Sunday I'm thinking I can try a 40 inch waist. I've been wearing a bunch of old 42 and 44's I had stashed from years ago, but I had added 3 notches to my belt to get it tight enough to hold them up. (Hence the need for a new belt) Looks like the days of shopping at Casual Male are over. I like the feel of their clothes, but they are just too baggy. I never thought I'd see this day. I will actually find clothes to fit me in Target, Sears, and J C Penney.

My wife had other ideas though, and suggested I try the 38 inch waist. So I did, and was shocked to find they fit. Snugly, but they fit. She has been complaining about my baggy ass, and was pleased that in 38's, it wasn't baggy anymore.

This past Thanksgiving, I made the scales creak at more than 350 lbs. I think next week I can pronounce myself as having lost 100lbs since then. I'm almost there. see you next week!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

255 -

As I sink ever closer to the 250 lb plateau, I find my ability to exercise increasing in proportion as the burden my body carries lessens. 32 minutes on the elliptical is easy. I've increased the resistance, but my artificial hip only lets me go so fast. I do have physiological limits at 46 years of age.

I am just tearing along on the stationary bike. I can do 9 miles in 35 minutes now, and I'm working on getting that up to ten miles. If I pace myself right, I can see myself doing it by Memorial Day.

I'm still hitting the stepper too. Last night I ripped out 3ooo steps in 16 minutes. I'd usually go to 5000 steps or 30 minutes, depending on how my legs feel, and last night my right thigh was burning, so I cut it short, and hit the therapy pool, before 15 minutes in the jacuzzi.

So I am very steady in hitting the gym at least 4 times a week, every Monday Wednesday and Friday, around 5 to 7PM, and Sundays from 1 to 3 PM after church/lunch. I do about 75 to 90 minutes of workout each time, with cool off time in the therapy pool/jacuzzi/ sauna before a quick shower. All told, I spend about 2 1/12 hours at the gym, before going home and doing whatever husbandly/man task needs doing. Some nights like tonight I relax when I write my blog, and some nights I play the Bowling game on my Wii. But I'm always in bed by 9PM, because the 4:30 am wake up is there every morning.
I'm working most days 6 AM to 2:30 PM, and I have after work responsibilities to take care of on the home front.

When I get below 250lbs I'm having some cake! I won't be having any KFC biscuits though. I tried one this week, and that was a bad move, we won't make that mistake again. The same for the greasy hamburger. Can't reheat and eat that. UGH! Not pretty. Stop by next Wednesday.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

258 1/4

Had my final covered 90 day window visit to the Surgeons office on day 89. I weighed 261 on Tuesday, but that was wearing all my clothes, everything except shoes. Wednesday night after working out at the gym, wearing nothing but skivvies, I came in at 258 1/4. I am anticipating the elation I will feel when I no longer slide the "250" bar in to place and work the smaller slide counterbalance down to the appropriate single digit number. That's what happened as I approached the 300 level in the first 3 weeks after surgery. It was such positive reinforcement when I stopped using the 300 bar, and banishing the 250 bar to history will feel just as good. I'm shooting for Mother's day to break that barrier for good.

This past weekend, I heard a conversation at the gym, that made me speak up and offer encouragement. I heard an older man and his middle aged (35 ish) son talking, and the son suggested his Dad weigh himself at the gym while no one was around, because the scale at home didn't go high enough. The scale at the gym goes to 400. He was about to get on the scale, when he saw me down the aisle. He started to back off, but I spoke up, and said go ahead. I told him I had been where he was, I know what it's like. I didn't look to see what he weighed, but later, I saw him trudging on the treadmill, and I started a conversation with him. He had just joined the gym with his family, and was going to give it a try. I wished him the best, and told him to talk to me anytime.

When I started Weight management, my Body Mass Index, (BMI) was 48. Even after losing almost 100 pounds, it is still 38.5 Anything over 20 is considered obese, over 30 morbidly obese.
I have a long way to go for a five foot ten inch tall guy.

BTW: Everybody else I know has been changing their templates and looks, so I decided to give a few a try.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

261 -

It's back to a more realistic rate of weight loss this week. I have scaled back my elliptical training, and increased my time in the jacuzzi. My right thigh and knee have ached quite a bit, and I'm trying to avoid aggravating what has become a nagging injury. The stationary bike is where I'm putting in the effort, as it doesn't cause the joint stress that the elliptical does. I'm up to 8 miles + in 35 minutes, and getting a pretty good sweat out of it. I ran laps for twenty minutes in the exercise pool, and my lungs really felt it, which is a good sign.
I was busy with along interview Tuesday night, and have been late getting home from work every day, so while I started this post on Wednesday, here it is Sunday night that I am putting it up. I have a long and busy week ahead, including a visit to my gastric bypass surgeon for a check up Tuesday. I will get an official weigh in then, on the 89th day after surgery.