Thursday, April 3, 2008

261 -

It's back to a more realistic rate of weight loss this week. I have scaled back my elliptical training, and increased my time in the jacuzzi. My right thigh and knee have ached quite a bit, and I'm trying to avoid aggravating what has become a nagging injury. The stationary bike is where I'm putting in the effort, as it doesn't cause the joint stress that the elliptical does. I'm up to 8 miles + in 35 minutes, and getting a pretty good sweat out of it. I ran laps for twenty minutes in the exercise pool, and my lungs really felt it, which is a good sign.
I was busy with along interview Tuesday night, and have been late getting home from work every day, so while I started this post on Wednesday, here it is Sunday night that I am putting it up. I have a long and busy week ahead, including a visit to my gastric bypass surgeon for a check up Tuesday. I will get an official weigh in then, on the 89th day after surgery.

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