Wednesday, April 30, 2008

251 -

One of my friends saw me going full throttle on the Elliptical Trainer tonight, and let me know that he could tell I was really busting it out compared to only two months ago. I have started swimming laps now. After doing the Elliptical for 32 minutes, and then 8 miles on the bike in 30 minutes, I can barely make it through two laps, but I push myself. I try to rotate things around, alternating the stair stepper for 30 minutes, and work on all the muscle groups.

I expect my weight to plateau somewhat for a while, especially after I had a few beers in the last week. They were small bottles of Rolling Rock, and I never have more than one in a night, but I consider them a luxury item I have earned. It took me two weeks to dispose of the 8 pack, but now that they are gone, I'm back to normal diet. Tomorrow I see my Primary Care Physician for a check up, and official weigh in. I can't weight!

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