Wednesday, April 23, 2008

252 7/8

Well, I'm motoring along on the weight loss train, and this Sunday saw a major step wardrobe wise.

I went to the Levi's Vanity Fair outlet in Reading, and purchased three pairs of jeans and two belts. I had visited Casual Male on Saturday, and purchased the only 2 XL shirts they had in stock, a navy blue and a dark gray. Yes, you read that right. XL. So on Sunday I'm thinking I can try a 40 inch waist. I've been wearing a bunch of old 42 and 44's I had stashed from years ago, but I had added 3 notches to my belt to get it tight enough to hold them up. (Hence the need for a new belt) Looks like the days of shopping at Casual Male are over. I like the feel of their clothes, but they are just too baggy. I never thought I'd see this day. I will actually find clothes to fit me in Target, Sears, and J C Penney.

My wife had other ideas though, and suggested I try the 38 inch waist. So I did, and was shocked to find they fit. Snugly, but they fit. She has been complaining about my baggy ass, and was pleased that in 38's, it wasn't baggy anymore.

This past Thanksgiving, I made the scales creak at more than 350 lbs. I think next week I can pronounce myself as having lost 100lbs since then. I'm almost there. see you next week!

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