Tuesday, March 18, 2008

268 1/4

I was stuck at a plateau for a couple of weeks, but in the last two the weight loss pace has picked up again. The torn muscle in my thigh has healed pretty much, and I am back to doing the 33 minute workout on the elliptical trainer a minimum of 4 times a week. That's the one that really gets my body going. I can do 7+ miles on the bike in 35 minutes pretty easily now, and 5000 steps in under a half hour is a norm, but nothing gets me breaking a sweat like the elliptical trainer. The first time I tried one, back in the fall, I only went 3 minutes before I had to stop, the joint pain and my heart rate were through the roof. Not now, it's amazing what the combination of dedicated exercise and surgically mandated diet restrictions can do!

I am wearing 2XL shirts now, and they aren't tight, and in some instances, they are a little droopy. I'm thinking that somewhere around 220 I can try an XL, but because of my shoulders, it might still be a little tight in the chest. We will see!


Bill Villa said...

Congratulations, Chris! Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to seeing less of you :)

michael molovinsky said...

congratulations on your courage to both confront this problem and also blog about it. it should be an inspiration to others who enroll in the pre-surgery workshop