Wednesday, May 28, 2008

242 1/4

It must have been the bike rides from Cape May Point into Cape May everyday. Maybe it was the diet that was almost exclusively seafood, or possibly a combination of both, but I lost 2 1/2 pounds last week. I last went to the gym on Thursday, and didn't get back there until Tuesday night. Usually I don't lose much weight during weeks that I miss my gym nights, but I rode my bike all weekend, only using the car for runs to the market.

So what is this weeks topic? I received an email asking what I felt like right after my surgery, so I will relate that experience.
I was sore, I had an IV, and I was not hungry at all. My Mouth was dry, and all I was allowed was some Ice chips. I had my surgery on Thursday Morning, and I was discharged Friday evening at 5 PM. On Friday Morning, 24 hours after my surgery, I was taken by wheelchair down to radiology and given an approximately 4 ounce "milkshake" that I can best describe as strawberry flavored battery acid. I sipped this nasty tasting concoction through a straw, and then pictures were taken to see if any of the sutures in my newly realigned stomach were leaking. They weren't, but I was able to look up at the screen and see just how small my stomach now was, the beverage I had ingested made it glow and easily visible. After that, I was allowed my first true liquids, and encouraged to get dressed and walk around, which I did. Later Dr Boorse came into my room, checked me out, and then released me.

He instructed me to stop all my medications, as my post operative blood work that Morning had shown my insulin levels had already decreased from the mid 200s to under 150. I'll talk about all those changes more in depth in another post soon. That's pretty much a recap of my immediate post operative experience, and that I exclusively ate 10 calorie sugar free popsicles to sate my appetite between my meals of soup broth and all liquids the first ten to fourteen days.
That pretty much describes my first days after surgery. I sat in on a panel to answer questions for people preparing for gastric surgery at LVH tonight, to help support others who have either had the surgery, are preparing for it, or are considering it. that's a whole separate post for next time.
I've been receiving emails from those who know to click on my picture, but for new visitors, you can email me at and I will gladly try and answer your questions privately and anonymously.

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