Thursday, June 5, 2008

241 1/4

I feel a plateau coming on. This happened when I hit the 280 level, and I stayed with my program, and it passed. It is unreasonable to think I will keep losing weight at the rate I have been, and I realize that.
I've been trading emails with some of you about my experiences as my metabolism changed after surgery, and I've decided to try and answer some of the repeat questions I get here in the blog.
Today I'm writing about a change in Bowel habits. Yes, I know the subject is mortifying to some, but hey, like the kids book says, "Everybody Poops."

If you are used to going everyday, and lets face it, those of us who were consuming 6000+ calories everyday were going everyday, if you cut your intake down under 2000 calories, then you aren't going to have to go as frequently. It's not that you are constipated, it is that your engine isn't processing as much as it was before, so there isn't as much for your body to out process.
For the first week or so after your surgery, you are on a liquid diet, for all intents and purposes. Don't expect to have to go, and don't get worried when you don't, unless you start getting unexplained pains, then immediately call the doctor. Always ask the Doctor if you have questions or concerns, they will be there for you. I asked my Doctor about the lack of bowel movements, and it was explained to me as I explained it to you. Not as much going in, so there's not as much going in, and that is logical, isn't it?

My biggest problem after surgery was making sure I ate enough, and got the minimum nutrition I needed. I still take my Multivitamin everyday, but just getting up and walking and staying busy helped my metabolism, and kept any hunger and psychological triggers to eat at a minimum. I'll glean through the next batch of emails for a question to answer in my post for next week, so keep the inquiries coming. Email me at:

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