Wednesday, June 11, 2008

239 Boolyah!

Goodbye, 240! I rewarded myself tonight after my gym workout, by having an ice cream sundae at Red Robin. I took Mrs C there for her Birthday, because that's where she wanted to go. Tomorrow night we are doing an Iron Pigs game, once again with Club seats. I know how to treat my lady!
I still think I'm about to plateau, and I am prepared for it. Tonight I swam 8 laps in 17 minutes, that's 400 meters. I do that after 35 minutes on the elliptical, and now I'm powering out 3.15 miles in that session, and spend more than 29 minutes of the session achieving my target heart rate of 130. I averaged 127 for the 35 minutes on it. My resting pulse is down to 65.
It was as low as 59 during my Army days, and my blood pressure? Before and after readings were all in the 120 over 75 range. I think swimming the 15 or more minutes continually is really helping my metabolism and will help replace lost fat with muscle. I expect weight loss to slow because of it eventually, but until then, I'll take it as it goes. I will be visiting my younger sister and brother next week, and they haven't seen me in a while. Boy are they going to be surprised!
I'm weighing in on Monday next week, so see you then. A Berks County reader asked for advice on how I stay motivated to keep exercising, so I'll have some thoughts for him, and the rest of my loyal fans. Email me at

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