Wednesday, August 27, 2008

229 and holding

And that's okay, because I have a deep purplish bruise on the inside of my right leg above my knee, that I believe is a muscle injury. I have stayed off the elliptical the past couple of weeks, and cut my swims back to 12 laps (600 yard) on each visit to the gym. Then I spend 20 minutes in the jacuzzi and 5 in the sauna. It's not like I'm not getting any exercise, I have taken on more handyman work in the late afternoon/evenings and increased the time I spend on Tuesdays at Fairview Cemetery maintaining grave sites.

The big news is I went out to the Wrangler Store at the Reading Outlets and purrchased 4 pairs of Jeans. Size 36 Jeans! Yeah, that's right! They are a bit snug, but they aren't baggy in the ass and legs like my size 38 are!

It's going to be tough to lose another 30 pounds, and another waist size, but I'm going to try and be patient and keep working at it, one pound at a time. The victories are small, but they are victories. Boolyah!

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NLVlogic said...

First time reading this blog. Good for you! I've been advocating all to get off the couch! You done much more than undergo surgery. You should be proud!