Thursday, July 24, 2008


I really didn't think I would lose any weight this past week, but I do like surprises. There is a reason I only weigh myself once a week, and that's because I was told during my surgery preparation not to weigh myself everyday, that it was a self defeating act.
I bring this up in reply to some of my emails, asking why I don't post a daily weight.
I am considering going to a bi-weekly weigh in, because I'm not losing at the rate I was immediately after my surgery, and I want to set an example for those of you who faithfully read my posts for encouragement.

I'm not discouraged at all by the slowing pace. I was adequately prepared for it, and I accept it. No one can keep losing weight at the pace I was for an extended period of time, our bodies just won't do it.

The most important variable to my lifestyle change is exercise. I can't stress enough that the commitment to exercise regularly is the one thing I know I have to maintain. Exercise helps drive our metabolism, and regulates our hunger. You don't worry as much about impulsive eating, or "Living To Eat" compared to "Eating to Live", when the hunger pangs aren't there, or don't persist, and are easily sated.

You don't have to run 5 miles, or swim 1000 meters everyday, but you do have to get up and move, you have to do Something, even if it is only taking a walk for a half hour.

I find that exercise actually deters me from eating. I am always hungry after swimming, but I don't eat as much if I eat after exercise. a paradox I didn't expect, but considering that we always had breakfast AFTER Physical Training in the Army, way back when, it sort of makes sense.

I do try to eat something before exercise though, because if I don't, I really feel it during exercise. Please remember I am doing some serious workouts, however.
I'm doing at least 35 minutes on the elliptical and swimming 800 meters every visit to the gym. That's a good 75 minutes right there. If I decide to do 30 minutes on a bike, with a resistance program, which I do once or twice a week, or sprinkle in some other activities for a change of pace, I'm upping my activity level and burning more calories. If I don't eat before exercising, I find it harder to finish a routine, and my metabolism will slow down, which is not what I want. I want it to keep burning at a higher rate, and excising the extra pounds from my body.

When I started, I set a goal of 220 pounds. I think I can make 210, maybe 205. I'm only 13 pounds from my original goal, and I'm not worried that I won't make it. I accept that it is going to be very hard. I only have to stay focused and keep pushing on. I'm too close to stop and be satisfied with where I have made it to now.

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